Hemma Hos

28th of May, 2022

Hemma Hos is a private gallery hosted in a one room apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden by Sara-Lo af Ekenstam. Sara-Lo has arranged exhibitions here for eight years with a wide range of artists from Sweden. An exhibition only last for four hours and is always on a Saturday.

Right: Bäckar, my first printed artwork. Made before I started with NFTs.

You don't know who is showing up and how many, but it is always a very relaxed feeling and many interesting conversations. Teachers from the artschool, parents with kids, friends to the artist, musicians, a neighbour and some regulars, a playful mix of visitors more or less interested in art.

The living room consists of four colored walls, a sofa, a bed, some closets and two large windows that let in daylight into the room.

Above the Sofa: Gravity 12 – Bäckar.

The left wall in the room has a strong orange color. The artwork Fabler from the cover image and bäckar (above) are like made for this wall.

On screen: Gravity 16 #1010

During the event the visitors was able to mint an artwork (Lust IV on FXhash) and plot it. We did 20 artworks during the event. Everything was free with an option to donate to the organisation 2 300 SEK was donated during the evening.

I also brought a customised square screen to show how my art looks like when it is animated. The screen is actually a vintage 5:4 ratio screen (1280x1024px) which I framed and cropped with a passepartout to a square.

Left: The first mint of the Hemma Hos edition Lust IV. Right: Göran Johansson

There are many artworks from other artists as well in the appartment, above you see the first mint and pen plot during the day together with an artwork by the Swedish painter Göran Johansson.

Four on the wall

Above the bed you find four of my early artworks from 2021. Left top: Gravity 15 Resa, Right top: Gravity 14 Forgotten Forest #3, Left bottom: Gravity 14 Growing Mind #5, Right bottom: Gravity 14 Growing Mind #1.

The size of the artworks are 60x60cm with a wooden black glazed walnut frame.

Between the living room and the kitchen is a small hall and the entrance to the apartment. Here you meet my first Art Blocks release Gravity 12 paired with a Gravity 15 Bäckar. This Bäckar version is pretty unique in that sense that it is the predecessor to one of the themes from my latest Art Blocks release Time Travel in a Subconscious Mind.

Top: Gravity 12 #487, Bottom: Gravity 15 Bäckar.

From the hall you take a right turn into the kitchen...

Top: Gravity 16 #943, Bottom: Gravity 16 #697.

...where you find two artworks from the Artblocks Gravity 16 release framed with a white glazed ash frame. There is also a vaulted wall which I filled with plots from the Lust I-III series and the Artblocks release Time Travel in a Subconscious Mind.

There was a few surprises in the bathroom, one artwork was lying in the washstand and another replaced the mirror, both from my Lust series.

Back in my studio at Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Take care!

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Artwork by JMY