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LUST is about the pure joy of creating. Through play, imagination and simplicity. Lust is a minimalistic generative art project divided in three drops (I,II,III) and released on fxhash. The project is based on the algorithm Gravity from my previous releases. 200-800 lines are used to draw the image and the technique is very suitable for pen plotting.

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The three releases works in a very similar way. 100-1000 nodes are placed randomly on the canvas. A set of parameters controls the output: (a) The power of gravity, (b) polarity and (c) magnitude are the most important once. (a) defines how the force decrease by distance, (b) polarity of the magnetic field and (c) The magnitude for each node.

The big difference between the three releases are how the pen is placed on the canvas. The pen follows a specific path and use it as a starting point for the lines. The lines are drawn twice, one time on each side of the line.

Lust I

April 17, 2022
100 mints

The pen is placed along a border of a circle on the canvas. This usually gives it a circular shape but could also produce a diamond shape or some more chaotic variations.

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Lust II

April 30, 2022
50 mints

The pen is placed on three diagonal lines. This may result in a diagonal rectangle, a cross or some kind of organic figure.

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Lust III

May, 2022
25 mints

The pen is placed on five horizontal lines. The lines are usually weaved together and could take shapes like a square or an ellipse.

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Jimmy Herdberg
22nd of April, 2022

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Artwork by JMY