An exploration of Mycelia and laser engraving
Latest update: 17th of September, 2023
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Mykorhizae is two small collections based on early explorations from my art project Mycelia.

After working with the Mycelia algorithm for a couple of months, it began to take shape. I started to find an aesthetic expression that I liked. The key was how I distributed the nutrients. What makes the mycelium intelligent is its ability to locate areas rich in nutrients. So, how the nutrients spread in the soil is what determines the visual expression.

There are 25 artworks in the box.

To achieve an interesting distribution, I created a wave function that alternates between two frequencies. Multiple waves were combined to create a field that represented the spread of nutrients. This resulted in an intriguing pattern, often in the form of a distorted grid. I named this initial algorithm Amanita.

While Amanita produced an interesting pattern when I worked with a single color, I struggled to achieve an engaging expression with multiple colors. Therefore, I started working on a new algorithm. This time, I simplified the wave function to only use static frequencies. I created multiple layers of nutrients and allowed several mycelium to grow in parallel. This led to the emergence of another fascinating pattern, which I named Boletus.

The first 5 artworks of Amanita was given away to the first 5 minters of Mycelia.

In parallel with the Mycelia/Mykorhizae projects, I have been exploring the possibility of laser engraving. The laser enables engraving very fine lines, which is perfect for the delicate threads of the mycelium. The fungus' thin mycelium is engraved with a laser into a piece of wood to symbolize the mutualistic symbiotic relationship between the fungus and the tree. 

This relationship is called Mycorrhiza, which is where the name of this new collections comes from. Mykorhizae Amanita & Boletus will be released in two small editions of 26 artworks each.

Amanita Release

Artwork #1-5 of Amanita was given away to the first five collectors of my Art Blocks release Mycelia. The full collection was presented during the Koami Art Festival where artwork. The remaining artworks will also be given away on future special occasions.

 No #0 Mykorhizae Amanita

The full Amanita collection



Boletus Release

The Boletus series of 26 artworks were laser-engraved and given away to visitors during the Art Blocks Marfa weekend in 2023. More information is coming soon!

At the Art Blocks house in Marfa, Texas, with Jeff Davis on the left and Snowfro on the right.

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Artwork by JMY